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  • February 28, 2017 2 min read

    A personalised graduation gift or present is a wonderful way of recognising three to four years of hard work, but a graduation gift that is also really practical? Fantastic!

    If you went to either University of College, may I ask, where is your Diploma? If you are anything like 95% of the people I ask, the answer to that question is a two stage affair. The first is a look skyward, or a narrowing of the eyes as the memory is put under strain and then secondly comes the answer, which starts with "I think.."

    "I think it's in my filing cabinet" or more regularly "I think its in a cardboard box in the attic". Where ever it is, it was placed there shortly after receiving it, which is why most people "think" their parents still have it.

    For all the years of hard work to finally receive ones diploma, it got very quickly filed never to be seen again. There are of course exceptions to this. People in certain professions frame their diploma's and have them hanging on their walls (even people in uncertain professions do the same). This is either a requirement of the job or way of reassuring their patients or clients that they know, what they're talking about "Look! Here, I have the piece of paper"

    However what about those, who jobs don’t require that sort of public reassurance? Philosophy? Fine Art? Geography? Modern Languages? Sociology? Pure Mathematics? Drama and so the list goes on. Your diploma or certificate is surely just as valuable? Your three years at Leeds University, was surely an important part of your life? Of course it was! A great financial sacrifice by somebody was made.

    Therefore what to do with that piece of paper? Well I believe it deserves a degree of prestige, which is why there should be a proper place for your diploma, regardless of what your subject was and where it was studied. That place is a diploma storage box, or more precisely a Diploma Scroll Box. On the spine should be your name, your university and your degree. The box ideally should be placed in a bookcase, much as the same way you would store a book, where occasionally people might see it and say "Helen! I didn't know you went to Leeds?" or "Helen, I didn't know you studied Economics! How did you become a drama teacher". Hopefully no one will say "Helen! I didn't know you went to University".

    To order one of our scroll boxes, please click here

    Personalised and Custom Diploma and Certificate Storage Box Graduation Present