April 02, 2019 2 min read

Like all our leather document wallets this was hand cut and hand stitched. This one will belong to a much loved 1960 Austin Healey Sprite currently residing in Arizona and will be housing its carefully maintained history.

I love car document wallets and holders for the simple reason being, that I love classic cars. Well actually, I just love cars and always have, which means that many of the vehicle history folders and document folders we do are for something I very much relate to.

It's the owners relationship to this otherwise inanimate object that I can appreciate. The reason they bought that particular make and model and how it might of featured in their own past, either as a vehicle belonging to a member of the family, or as the 'must have' car of its day, which they now have.

The rationale for owning the car, at least as is presented to wife's, husbands and partners, is that it is an investment. An investment that can be appreciated visually and also practically (so long as no more than two of you want to go out in it. I speak from experience).

However, in order to satisfy the first criteria of investment, it needs to come with an impeccable history (provenance). Should you one day want to realise that investment financially, your cars condition and history will be poured over and therefore what better way of presenting it, than in a custom made folder or wallet with the cars details embossed or foiled on the cover. This of course not only makes a statement about the car, but also about you the owner.

We make more and more folders and boxes for classic cars for this very reason. Owners want to be able to prove that not only is the vehicles history important but while under their ownership, no expense was spared at attention to detail. There is of course the added benefit of just having your cars documents and history in an organised state!  

We have a page dedicated to vehicle document holders, wallets and portfolios, which can be found here

austin healey sprite document holder with personalised embossed cover

leather document wallet custom made and hand stitched by hartnack and co

leather document wallet with double pockets

leather document wallet for classic car history and documents with austin healey logo embossed on the cover

austin healey document and history folder custom made with personalised cover