February 28, 2017 1 min read

Be it building or restoring a house, a car, a boat, a motorbike, a steam engine, or in fact anything, the project would have involved sketch’s, plans, correspondence, invoices as well as photographs, as you careful recorded the step by step build process.

This bespoke and handmade box with its individual drawer and accompanying album, is the perfect place to keep the records and story (and indeed, the provenance) of your creation.

Plans, correspondence, invoices and receipts can be kept in the top drawer, while your photographic history and your build story can be kept in the leather album.

We hand make to your specification of size and colour using traditional casemaking and binding techniques. Each piece of board is individually hand cut, laminated and then step jointed together before being covered in your choice of material. The album is made from 3.5mm thick, top grain, veg tanned Italian leather with a screw post filing mechanism.   

This is a beautiful compliment to the hard work and effort put into your vision and a perfect way to keep things in one place, as well as be able to show to friends and colleagues the story of the building of your dream.

A bespoke Box and Album top Record the Building and Renovation of Project