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  • October 18, 2018 2 min read

    Many couples still have their wedding photos on a memory stick. Therefore, what would be a better present to one another, than having the photos laid out, printed and placed in a handmade luxury Leather wedding album?

    For some the decision not to have a wedding album, wasn't a conscience  decision against the idea of an actual wedding album per se, it was in fact down to budget. The cost of a photographer plus the album, just wasn't affordable against everything else on the wedding day wish list.

    Third anniversary - The wedding album solution

    But all is not lost, because the third anniversary presents the perfect opportunity to combine the traditional gift of leather with something very poignant to remember the actual day itself! It's very 'on-theme', very relevant and very romantic. It is such a good idea, that it begs for the husband to be the one who does the giving of it, just for the opportunity to prove he's a very, very clever and romantic boy!

    It is also something that he can delegate most of the work to. Hartnack and Co, will take delivery of his images, which he can WeTransfer over to them. They will lay them out, then send him a proof of the layout for his approval. Once approved they will then print out the finished pages on beautiful, luxury paper stock.

    In the mean time H&Co will start work on the cover of the wedding album and this is where the 3rd anniversary relevance lies. Hartnack & Co use Italian tanneries, that  supplies the finest veg tanned, top grain leather. The wedding album cover is a  side of 3-4mm thick hide, selected and cut down to make a single A3 landscape cover (a big piece of leather).


    The leather album can be personalised on the cover. This can be done using our standard fonts and layouts, or if its available, H&Co will also us the original wedding stationery logo.
    Also we will try and come as possible to the wedding colour theme for the inner back cover as well - if neither of the above are available we'll come up with very good alternatives!

    Ultimately it's all about the great reveal and what is presented to you is a large A3 landscape leather wedding album with names printed on the cover and approximately 50-60 photographs laid out and printed over 20 pages.

    Photographs are not meant to be seen exclusively on a screen, they are at their best printed out! There couldn't be a better excuse to do this than for your anniversary.

    For more information on printed leather wedding albums, please head to this page here

     printed leather wedding album for third anniversary

    luxury leather wedding album with green binding

    large family leather photo album laid out open

    luxury leather wedding photo album with printed pages bound into screw post mechanism

    custom made leather wedding album and box with personalised cover ideal third wedding anniversary gift

    custom made leather wedding album with printed wedding photos inserted into album