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Gallery - Examples of Portfolios & Boxes Handmade for the Creative Industry

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The images below show a small example of the portfolios and binders that we have made for photographers, graphic designers, fashion & textile designers and architects as well as others in the creative industries.

11" x 17" Photographers Presentation Portfolio Book

Anna Rajdil is a Minneapolis photographer and commissioned us to build her 11" x 17" Screw Post Photography Portfolio using three fabric colours - The inner and the outer cover are buckram book cloth. The fount cover is Charcoal, the inner cover is Pearl white and just to add that extra bit of individuality her spine cover is in Alton Red book cloth. Her logo was Blind Embossed on the cover

Inside Cover Detail of Hartnack & Co 11x17 Hidden Screw Post Presentation Portfolio Book for Photographer

Detail of Bespoke H&Co Presentation Screw Post Binder

Any of our presentation portfolio books and boxes can be specified with any colour combinations. This 11" x 17" landscape portfolio for Nine Zero Nice Creative Houston (TX) has a Pearl buckram outer cover and an Angle blue inner cover and spine. The number of screw posts can also be varied as well from 2, 3 or 4. The 'nine 0 nine' logo has been Blind (no colour) Debossed (downward pressed)
11 x 17 Landscape Design Presentation Portfolio for Stationery Design Company with Personalized Cover
A3 Landscape Custom and Bespoke Photographers Presentation Portfolio Book by H&Co

Cornwall based Photographer Paul Keppel's A3 Landscape Hidden Screw Post Portfolio is made using Charcoal Buckram as the outer cover and Brillianta Blue for the inner cover and spine. His logo was foil stamped using sea blue HM884 foil, while the inside card pocket (below) was stamped in white foil.  

Business Card Pocket in H&Co presentation Portfolio

A3 Landscape Exposed Screw Post Presentation Book for Designer Photographer in Yellow and Black

The portfolio above was made for Brisbane photographer and designer Zain Mills. His A3 Landscape Exposed Screw Post Binder is made in yellow buckram and his name has been hot foil stamped in black foil and using optional black headed Chicago screw posts.

A3 Landscape Presentation Portfolio Book

Jatinder's presentation portfolio was made using Charcoal Buckram for the outer cover. She opted to have a name plaque in Harlech Purple book cloth which we stamped using White foil. We also used Harlech for her inside cover and spine (below)

Detail of Hartnack & Co handmade portfolio binder

Custom Screw Post Presentation Portfolio Display Book for Architect Student

This an A3 landscape hidden screw post portfolio for Architect Simon Feather. Simon opted for Plate Grey book cloth for his outer cover and Conwy book cloth for the inner cover. His name and logo's were foil stamped with Grey HM889 foil. 

Blind Embossing Personalisation of Architects Presentation Portfolio BookArchitect Simon Feather's A3 landscape portfolio is made from plate grey book and light linen book cloth. It was then blind debossed on the outer covers with his name and logo and was then stamped using grey foil on the spine and inner business card holder.

Business Card Holder in Bespoke Presentation Portfolio Book by H&Co

A3 Flip Over Brown Leather Photographers Presentation Portfolio Book by H&CoPhotographer Lorrie Kelly's A3 leather portfolio is made using our 3.5mm veg tanned brown leather. It is in the 'flip-over' format which means using landscape printed sheets which are then inserted into portrait page protectors. The portfolio was also ordered without an inner cover facing cover (below). 

H&Co Leather Screw Post Display Portfolio with Optional Natural No Inner Cover

A3 Designers Photograhers Presentation Portfolio Archive Box H&Co

An A3 drop-back clamshell box in Charcoal buckram and solo orange book cloth. This was Graphic Designer Jon Quinell's first portfolio box and it presented his final years work at Kingston University. As a bit of extra detail, he also ordered an orange plaque for his name to be foil stamped on.
A3 Drop Back Clamshell Archive Box

A3 Landscape Screwpost Presentation Display Portfolio Book For Digital Design Agency

Digital design agency 100% Digital opted for Torridge black buckram and Brillianta blue book cloth for their A3 landscape portfolio. Their name was with foiled onto the spine and then their logo foiled onto the cover. For a bit of clever detailing they asked for a matching buckram vertical pocket which was then blind debossed with their logo.

Detail of Inside Cover of Bespoke Custom Presentation Display Portfolio Bider

We've been fortunate enough to be commissioned four times by award winning commercial photographer Tom Barnes. His latest A3 landscape print portfolio book in Yellow buckram and black interior was also ordered with a matching slip case. His logo was foiled in black on the front cover.

A3 Photographers Screwpost Presentation Display Portfolio Book in Yellow and Black

 A3 portrait portfolio book in brown 3.5mm veg tanned leather. Shoot's name has been blind debossed on the front cover (below)

A3 Brown Leather Portrait Screw Post Photography Portfolio Book

For award winning landscape photographer Russ Barnes, an A3 photography portfolio in pewter buckram cloth with a matching A3 slipcase. Russ had his  name blind debossed on the slipcase and then foil stamped on the portfolio cover. 

A4 Bespoke Portrait Presentation Binder

A4 portfolio binder in plate grey book cloth and solo orange book cloth for London architects Square Feet
A4 Landscape Screw Post Display Presentation Portfolio Book for Interior Architect Student
A4 landscape hidden screw post presentation portfolio for interior architect, Lama Montaz, made from pearl buckram and alton red book cloth. Her name was stamped on the cover using metallic red foil. 
A4 Flip Over Presentation Display Portfolio in Black Leather and Personalised Stamping
An A4 'flip-over' leather portfolio made from our veg tanned 2.5mm black leather. The inside material is Doon green and Ting's name has been blind debossed on the cover.
11x17 Photographers Presentation Portfolio Book and Archive Box
11" x 17" Hidden Screw Post Portfolio for Minnesota Photographer Josh Grubbs. Josh also opted for a clamshell box to keep his presentation portfolio in as well. The colours were Charcoal black buckram for the outer covers and Plate grey for the inner covers. Josh has his name blind embossed on the cover.
A4 Graphic Designers Presentation Portfolio Binder Book

 Graphic Design Portfolio for Brisbane Designer Ali Newbury. Ali's A4 HSP binder was covered in Pearl buckram with a blind debossed cover. The inner cover was covered in Aqua marine.

A4 Landscape Graphic Designers Presentation Portfolio Book

One of our early commissions and the first person to opt for Exe pink book cloth and matching pink foil. More information on Laura's A4 Landscape portfolio can be found here

Graphic Designers Bespoke Presentation Portfolio Book

A4 portrait hidden screw post portfolio in Charcoal buckram and Brillianta blue book cloth and blue foil for London graphic designer Tom Dunlop Design

Hartnack and Co Bespoke Hidden Screw Post Binder Portfolio Book

Screw Post Presentation Portfolio for Textile Designer


Graphic Designers A3 Presentation Portfolio Binder

Custom and Personalised 8.5 x 11 Landscape Designers Portfolio Book

11x17 Custom and Personalized Portfolio Presentation Book

Bespoke A3 Landscape Graphic Designers Presentation Portfolio Book

A3 Leather Flipover Designers Presentation Portfolio Book

11" x 17" Photographers Presentation Portfolio Book with Personalized Cover by H&Co

11x17 Presentation Portofolio Book For Graphic Designer

Design and Photography Presentation Portfolio Clamshell Box

Leather Graphic Designers Presentation Portfolio Binder

12"x12" Bespoke Portfolio Binder Display Book

H&Co Hidden Screwpost Presentation Display Portfolio Book and Slipcase

A3 Presentation Display Book for Graphic Design Agency in Flip Over Format

Photographers 8.5x11 Landscape Portfolio Display Book

A3 Landscape Screw Post Binder with Name Plaque on Cover H&Co

Custom Personalisation on Hartnack and Co Presentation Binder

a3 Graphic Designers Portfolio book

A3 Landscape graphic designers presentation display portfolio

Students presentation portfolio a4 landscape

Drawer box and portfolio binder set

A4 Drawer divided and placed into slip case box with A4 Screw post binder

Textile Designers Custom presentation portfolio book using her own fabric for inner cover H&Co