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A wonderful personalised graduation gift, H&Co hand made scroll boxes and certificate holders can be found here

University and College Diploma Certificate Storage Box as Graduation Gift

Our certificate and diploma holders are all individually made, which means you get to specify the colours (and fabrics) that you would like to use and where you would like to use them. 

Personalised University Diploma College Certificate Box in Bookcase

Once you've received it, you might never look at your university diploma again, but having worked so hard for it, it should be kept somewhere standing proud.

Graduation Presents of Personalised Bespoke Diploma and Certificate Storage Boxes

The spine of the diploma box or certificate holder, can be personalised, with the graduates name, university or college, graduation year and degree attained. 

University Diploma Certificate Storage Box in College Colours and Personalised Spine


Students Bespoke Personalised Certificate Holder and Binder

Bespoke certificate folders are another popular line for Hartnack & Co. Again there is a wide choice covers available and each on can be personalised with the students or graduates name on the cover.