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Personalised Leather Bound Portfolio and Album

  • Premium Leather Portfolio or Album - Traditionally bound leather cover with a screw post mechanism in a choice of leathers, book cloths and personalisation options. Individually hand made and bespoke to you in any size or format.

    Any Size or Format - We make our portfolios and album around what is being placed inside them, from A6 and A5 to A3 and bigger. We also make traditional US sizes as well from junior legal, letter to larger in portrait and landscape. They are all individually made so nothing is pre-cut, just tell us what size you want.

    In a Choice of Beautiful Leather - Our leather is sourced from one of the worlds largest supplier of book coverings and we can source a wide range of leathers in different colours.

    Bespoke To Your Requirements - Just like a bespoke suit or dress, this item is custom made just for you. This means that the size, the outer colour, the inner colour whether it has internal pockets or not is completely up to you.

    Prices & Ordering - Because each of the leather hides is a special order, our prices and ordering method is different to our usual process. Please contact us directly at info@hartnackandco.com letting us know what you require and we can quote you directly.
  • Prices - For this product, we order in the leather hides especially for each order. As a result there is an initial loading of £250 per order.
    However, as we already have the leather hide, if you are ordering more than one product, the £250 is spread over two, three, four or even five products. 
    As this is the case, we prefer to quote per order - Below hopefully works as a price guide.
    Please Note: These prices can change
     Size Single Portfolio Additional Portfolio
    To fit A5 £339 (ex vat) £89.00 (ex vat)
    To fit A4 £357.00 (ex vat) £107.00 (ex vat)
    12" x 12" £379.00 (ex vat) £129.00 (ex vat)
    To fit A3 £390.00 (ex vat) £140.00 (ex vat)
    For the cost of personalisation, please see the Personalisation Tab. 
  • Sizes - We base the overall size of the binder we are making, on what ever is being placed inside the covers of it. 
    As each product is individually made and there are no stock pieces, we can make our portfolios whatever size is required.
    How we calculate size - We take whatever is being bound inside (say an A4 page at 210mm x 297mm) add 8mm to the top, bottom and right hand side and 12mm to the left hand side which incorporates the binding. The overall size of the portfolio or album will therefore be 317mm x 226mm.
    We just need to know the size of what's going inside your portfolio.
  • The Leather - All our hides fro this collection are sourced in Europe and are made on corrected grain hides with a pigmented top coat. They have an excellent light fastness and stain resistance.

    Milano leather swatch for portfolios
    Firenze leather swatch for bespoke albums
    For samples of these leathers please contact Winter & Company here
  • The Inner Cover - The inner covers are the boards that face you when you open the portfolio. 
    These can be covered in a variety of fabrics and colours which can be found here Fabric Swatch.

  • Inner Pockets - A guide to internal pockets can be found on this page here Internal Pockets. 

    business card pocket
    Each pocket option carries a surcharge.
    - Business card Pocket  
    - Business card pocket front & back  
    - Full width horizontal pocket 
    - Full length vertical pocket 
    - Horizontal and/or vertical pocket front & back 
    - Business card pocket front, Full length pocket back.
  • Personalisation - For the genuine leather binders, you have two options.
                 Blind Deboss  £60.00                            Colour Foil   £60.00               
           blind deboss personalisation on medical portfolio        Foil on leather example 
    Where. Your personalisation can be placed anywhere you like on the cover. For instance, the bottom right hand corner or centre and a third of the way up. In order to do this we make a metal die plate of your name. (below)
    Having made the metal stamp of your name for the cover, we can also use the same die plate to stamp elsewhere, i.e. On the spine (cost £20.00).

    Can I have a different one elsewhere? Yes, you can have as many as you like, but each new personalisation will require a new metal die plate (as above) and therefore an extra charge.

    - How? You have 2 options. We can either use your logo or we can set your name out in one of our typefaces.  

    Choose Your Typeface.When ordering you will be asked to choose a typeface/font. A clearer version can be found here, but for reference please see below.

        personalisation fonts for medical portfolios
    If none of the above appeal to you, you can tell us another font, but it would depend upon whether we have it available in our Adobe Fonts system.

    For more information. Our guide to personalisation can be found on this page here: Guide To Personalisation.
  • How To Order - This can be done by directly emailing us with your requirements. We will then create a Custom Order for you based on the information you provide us below and then send you a link on our website to fulfil your payment details.
    What we need to know is...
    - The size of the media being placed inside the portfolio or album (if pages protectors, or album inserts are being used, then this will be considered as 'the media')
    - The name and colour of the leather you would like for the outer cover.
    - The name and colour of the material you would like for the inner cover.
    - Whether you would like inner pockets and which you would like.
    - What personalisation you would like and where you would like it.
  • - Size? Is based on the size of the media being placed inside the portfolio or binder. We work on generic international and US sizes, but can make to any size. If the size of the media is not mentioned here we will either ask you to pick the closest size we feature (for pricing purposes) and then you can tell what size the media is, or will make out a special order for you.
    - Orientation? Portrait means the media sits vertically and is bound along the long edge. Landscape means the media sits horizontally and is bound along the short edge.
    - Protectors, Sleeves or Hinge Strips? This is important for us to know. If your page is being placed in page protectors/pockets, then we must allow for the cover to be larger height and width. Also our H&Co pockets maybe a different size to other suppliers, which is why we ask this question. If using file or hinge strips, your portfolio will be narrower but longer than page protectors.
    - What width spine?. This refers to the thickness of what is being placed inside the portfolio. Our standard spine width of 2cm, fits approximately 25 page protectors in it. If you feel this wont be big enough and would like something thicker, than this please let us know on the order.
    - Help? If you are having any problems when placing your order, please feel free to contact us directly. We can't take payments over the phone, but we can certainly help you with placing your order.