• Custom Memory Box in Copper & Blue

June 07, 2018

Beautiful Memory Box & Leather Album

This memory box makes use of our standard multi tier box format which is ideal when incorporating a memory box with an album.

The box is built around the leather photo album which can be seen in the photographs sitting in the tray. The size of album was a little larger than A4 landscape which meant the overall box size was approximately 280mm wide x 375mm.

As always, the box is made using very traditional techniques. The box structure is made from double thickness laminated grey board (which itself is made from recycled card). This is then carefully double butt jointed to provide a very sturdy structure. An inner box sits within the outer box, on top of which sits the tray. 

The tray is covered in Copper Buckram and box and inner lining is covered in Moreton backcloth. The lid of the memory box has ben personalised in one of our standard 'house fonts' Trajan pro and then copper foiled on to the surface.

More information on Memory Boxes can be found here.

custom made memory box

custom made memory box and album

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