Custom Drawer Box and Screw Post Folder Set

February 28, 2017

custom made box and binder set

A box with a drawer that can keep loose papers in and also house a portfolio folder or album. This is an H&Co classic that we love to make, despite the time that it takes to do so.

This one was made to house a presentation binder that held 8.5 x 11 pages and is what we built the whole box around. 

The exterior cover of the carcass box, the drawer and the screwpost folder was made using buckram book cloth, which is durable and cleanable.

The hidden screw post portfolio is foil stamped in blue on the cover as well as on the spine.

To see more examples of custom boxes that H&Co have made, go to our gallery pages here

Folder and Drawer Box Slip Case Set

Combination folder portfolio and slipcase with with drawer inside box

Book drawer box and folder set



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