• The Comeback of The Photography Print Portfolio

February 28, 2017

On one of our banners in the Creatives section of this website you will see the line “Let your portfolio make a statement about you while your work speaks for itself”. The idea, or the inference being that your portfolio is an intrinsic part of the statement about you - It’s part of your 'packaging' and your image and how you want to be viewed and it’s one of the first things a client gets to see and touch before they open the cover to your work.

We appreciate the impact of being handed a great looking print portfolio, it starts things off on a positive note for the client. 'Here's somebody who values image and presenation, they will probably value mine'.

As you will notice from the photographs on the website, we are not photographers (we dream of having your talent), but we are in business and one thing we know from twenty odd succesfull years in it, is that business is about people, because people buy from people. In fact, this is not just business, this is life.

Below are links to two podcasts where two very successful photographers discuss the importance of having physical print portfolios. Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to sit down, face to face with agencies, commissioning editors, potential clients and then go through and discuss their work. On the one hand, a relationship is being devolped (because you're a really likeable person!) but on the other you are getting the opportunity to discuss each shot in all its 11" x 17" glory.

Admittedly, you don’t always get the appointment, but if you appreciate photography (which we do) you’ll know that viewing it on A3 or 11 x17 fine art paper has enormous impact. We are not for one moment saying don't invest in a good website, just don't underestimate the power of a great print portfolio and if possible, face to face meetings.

Lastly, while you might agree with everything we've said, surely there are better options in commisioning print books? Well quite possibly, but then the beauty of a post bound portfolio or clamshell box, is that you can add or subtract pages depending upon who you are presenting to - Just a thought, but if nothing else, have a look at the videos below.

Eric Almas - Are Print Portfolios Making a Comeback? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP3fN0u2lrc#t=450

The Art of Photography in discussion with Wade Griffith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=difQ-HsiH94

To see our guide about buying a photography portfolio book, please click here

To see more examples of photography print portfolios, go to our gallery page here

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