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March 22, 2017

medical custom portfolio

Hartnack and Company specialise in making bespoke and custom surgical portfolio binders in a variety of materials and colours. They can be made to any size requirement as well as be personalised on the front cover. The objective of commissioning a H&Co portfolio is to have a truly distinctive portfolio to present for interviews.

There are a number of considerations that you need to make when ordering your surgical or medical portfolio and we have laid these out below.

Binding Mechanisms

We make two types of binding mechanisms applicable for surgical and medical portfolios. The screw post system and the ring binder system. Both are capable of holding large volumes of paper and page protectors.

Ring Binders

Our standard ring binder mechanisms are available in the following lengths; 2cm, 4cm, 5cm. These dimension's refer to gap from top top bottom of the binder, therefore by measuring the height of what's going into your portfolio, you'll be to work out what size binder you require.

As well as standard ring binder mechanism's, we are also able to a variety of other sizes as well, the largest of which is 12cm.

The leather ring binder below has 50 page protectors in it.

leather ring binder with 50 page protector pockets and black binder mechanism H&CoA leather ring binder with 50 page protector pockets (above) while below is 12cm binder 150 page protectors.

Box ring binder with 150 page protectors hartnack and co


Screw Post Binders

Screw posts, or, to give them their precise name "Chicago Screw Posts", are tubes with a cap at either end. You unscrew one end of the cap and place the pages or page protectors through the punched hole. Once they are all in you screw the other end of the cap up.

screw post portfolio unscrewed with page protectors h&co

The length of posts can vary, depending upon how much needs to be inserted in the binder. 

screw post lengths relevant for surgical and medical portfolios

We make three different screw post binders. 

Exposed Screw Post Binder
Pros: Our simplest and therefore cheapest of binders. Also flexibility, the length of posts can be easily swapped which means the portfolio can have things added or taken out without a problem.
Cons - There is no spine cover included in the product.

The product page can be found here

exposed screw post medical surgical portfolio

screw post portfolio book with 40 page protector sleeves inserted hartnack and co

The portfolio above has 40 page protectors, the portfolio below 100.

screw post portfolio book with 100 page protector sleeves inserted  

Enclosed Screw Post Portfolio

Pros - Very clean looking outer cover, as close to a book cover as possible. Can be made to fit any length of screw post.
Cons - The spine is a fixed size, therefore there is very, very little flexibility as to the number of pages you can insert into the book after you have received it. Therefore you need to get the post length right from the word go.

The product page can be found here

enclosed screw post portfolio book

Hidden Screw Post Portfolio Book

Pros - The screw heads are hidden from sight under flaps. Can be made to fit any length of screw post. A spine cover is included as standard.
Cons - Not as flexible in terms of volume of pages. These are made to fit at certain per-ordered spine thickness, while the posts can be changed for longer or smaller ones, you would have to discard the spine cover (or order a new one).

The product page for this product can be found here.

hidden screw post portfolio book for medical surgical portfolio

In the past we done a number of these for surgical portfolios. Below is an example with a 6cm spine cover. The portfolio has 70 page protectors inserted.

surgical portfolio with 70 page protector sleeves

Clamshell Box Portfolios

Our final offer is the clamshell box portfolio or box file.

Pros: They make a statement. They can be ordered with either a ring binder mechanism or screw posts.
Cons: Have to allow for future growth, once you specify the size of the box and binder it can't be made bigger. Price

Clamshell boxes can be found here

surgical portfolio box binder hartnack and co

screw post portfolio box

Cover Materials

If your medical and surgical portfolio is going to handled a quite a bit we strongly recommend you specify a Buckram outer cover (it’s sometimes referred to as it less technical name ‘the shinny material’) 

Buckram is material that has an acrylic coating which gives it a water resistance and is therefore wipeable.

Our standard book cloth is very tactile, but is rayon material and while more attractive than buckram it is not water resistant and can not be easily cleaned.
That said it does make for a good inner cover material as it provides a contrast to the buckram on the outside in appearance and texture.

There is no extra charge for having more than one material for your portfolio.

Another choice for portfolios leather. We offer black and brown in either 3mm or 2.5mm and both are available as ring binders or screw post binders. 

A link to our fabric swatch page can be found here


There are two main options for personalising your medical portfolio. Your name can be stamped/embossed onto the cover as a Blind Deboss which is a deep impression with no colour. The second option is that your name can be foil stamped on to the cover. For small extra cost it can also be stamped onto the spine as well. There is no limit or extra cost to the size of the personalisation and over how many lines, therefore - Nicholas Hartnack & Medical Portfolio can appear on two lines at no extra cost. 

An example of blind debossing is seen below.

an example of hartnack blind debossing for surgical portfolios

Below is an example of foil stamping

a4 surgical portfolio book binder by hartnack and co

Lastly, there is also an option to have your name foiled onto a plaque as seen below.

Personalised Surgical Medical Portfolio

More information can be found out about personalisation on this link here

If you have any further questions, as always drop us a line or give us a ring. Our details can be found on the Contact Page.

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