• Bespoke Hotel Room Guest Books, Woolacombe Bay by H&Co

April 13, 2019

These small A5 exposed screw post binders were custom made for Woolacombe Bay, a beautiful hotel in the most gorgeous of all the English counties, Devon.

Small and easy to handle with all the necessary information of the hotel, its facilities and amenities printed between the guest book covers.

The folders were covered in Harlech purple book cloth on the outside and Plate grey on the inside and personalised with a blind deboss stamp on the cover giving the guest books a luxury feel.

While the presentation has been carefully considered, the advantage for going with the small exposed screw post design, is that changing the pages or just a page within the guest book is quite a simple affair.

The top screws just need unscrewing and the cover of the guest book just pops off. Pages that need changing can easily be done and the cover placed back over the posts and screwed on - Nice and simple, particularly if you are having to do over 50.

Hartnack and Co make a variety of binders and book for the Hospitality industry and we have a gallery page with some previous work on it, which can be found here. - The Woolacombe Bay Hotel website can be found here 

custom made luxury hotel guest book with embossed personalised cover

custom made luxury guest book in grey and purple

a5 screw post hotel guest book with personalised cover

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