• Christmas Gifts 2018 - Personalised Christmas Decoration Keepsake Box

October 03, 2018

A simple yet beautiful and long lasting Christmas gift idea for a new born daughter or son that will continue for the next 16 years and will still remain precious for the rest of their lives.

custom made Christmas decoration gift box in red and gold foil

The Gift Idea

A bespoke handmade box, with a personalised gold foil stamped lid is separated into 16 different compartments, each with its own number.

This beautiful box along with one very special Christmas decoration placed in the first compartment, is given to the parents of the baby.

Christmas decoration keepsake box with numbered compartments in gold foil with christmas decoration

Each year the giver of the box, be it the parent, grand parent, god parent, aunt or uncle, makes the very careful and considered purchase of a different Christmas decoration, which once used will be placed in the corresponding age and year of the keepsake box.

At the age 16, the child has their very own collection of Christmas decorations.

The Decoration Keepsake Box

The box measures 42cm x 42cm's wide and 10cm's deep on the outside. It is completely handmade using traditional case making techniques (as below)

construction detail of handmade christmas keepsake box

This means that the boxes sides consist of two pieces of 2mm grey-board glued or 'laminated' together for strength. One of the pieces of board is slightly shorter then the other, so that when one of the sides meets the other a natural butt-joint is created. The same applies for the base, whereupon you are left with a very rigid box, this is important as it going to last for rest of that persons life.

...you are left with a very rigid box, this is important as it going to last for rest of that persons life.

Another, structure is made, this time to line the first box. The sides are slightly narrow because this is where the box lid will fit snuggly around and on top of the inner structure. The keepsake box is then lined with paper and then covered internally and externally with red library Reyon book cloth.

Christmas decoration keepsake box with decoration

This is how a quality bespoke box that will last a life time is made - If there was another way, then we'd be adopting it.

The Personalised Gift

A wonderful idea and wonderful gift, but without a name on the box it would be just a very nice hand made box. You box has to be personalised (in fact it is included in the price!)  

Each box will be personalised with the name of the baby and child in gold foil as can be seen in the pictures below.

gold foil personalisation on christmas decoration keepsake box gift

How To Order?

The Christmas Decoration Box can be ordered by following this link HERE

gold foiled personalised christmas decoration keepsake box

personalised Christmas decoration gift box for a child

personalised Christmas decoration keepsake box

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