• An Annual Letter To Your Baby Daughter - A Bespoke Keepsake Album & Box

October 24, 2018

A fabulous idea for your baby that would make for a fabulous future 21st birthday gift and a future family heirloom as well.

The idea is a simple one. Each year you write a letter to your daughter and along with a collection of special mementoes and keepsakes from the year, you file them in this beautiful leather album, which in turn is kept in this beautiful hand made clamshell box. 

Then, at a significant birthday, which could be her 18th or 21st, you hand over the box with the leather album, and there she has it, her life, milestones and achievements in a beautiful leather album with her name embossed on the cover.

Our Second McBrian Baby Letter & Keepsake Box

This is the second album and box we have made for the McBrian family and quite honestly it makes us feel humble to be part of the process. The first one we completed in 2014 for their son and have been given the privilege of making another for their baby daughter Millie.

It really is a fantastic idea, not just for the impact of the present (because, lets face it, that's one helluva gift) but because this will be an integral part of Millie's own history and then one day part of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren's family history.

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